Dried Olive Slices (100 g)


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Hand picked

No Preservatives

Natural Product


Really Crispy

Enjoy the unique taste and aroma


Add in salad, or onto the homemade pizza.

Consume them like finger food.

Combine them with cheese, tomatoes, bread, crackers.

About Kalamata olives

The "Kalamata olives" are a variety of table olives that grown mainly in the Peloponnese region. It is very compact, with excellent flavor, organoleptic characteristics and contains oil in concentrations of 17-25%.

Traditional farming methods for many years, combined with the experience, knowledge and modern technology offer high quality products and expertise. During harvesting, all done manually, in order not to upset the balance of olives, using only natural materials.

Τhe producer

Jim has great expertise and long experience in drying fruits and vegetables. In all products, the goal is to offer the consumer natural products without preservatives and chemical additives keeping unaltered the flavor of fresh.

When tasting the dried olive slices, prepared with care for you, you will enjoy their unique taste and aroma.

We offer you fresh Greek olives that become crunchy slices of authentic and genuine flavor.

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