Organic Black Garlic (2pcs)


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100% Natural Product


Soil Association Organic Certification

Halal Certification - Kosher Certification

Product description

Black Garlic is classified as a Superfood due to the positive elements that can offer to man.

It is a derivative of the common garlic but with huge differences.

It is a fermentation product, which is carried out for about a month at high temperatures and high humidity. This procedure converts the white garlic to a unique product.

It is important to remember that it is a 100% natural product, has not added chemicals or preservatives.

Black garlic has a sweeter taste, while the most important element is that has no odor.


The black garlic has been described as a component which has a much higher antioxidant power than white garlic, which can be up to 4 times higher. The antioxidants have been shown to help counter attacks that can receive the human organism, while having the ability to protect and cells from these attacks.

Simultaneously, one of the essential ingredients of garlic is allicin which the Black Garlic owns in larger quantities.

Usage suggestions

Use the cloves as you would roast garlic: Purée them with oil, then smear the paste on crostini, incorporate it into dressings, or rub it onto chicken or fish before roasting.

Powdered, it’s like umami fairy dust: Sprinkle it on anything that wants some earthiness and depth.

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