Salep with Caramel (7 bags X 12 g)


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Halal Certification - Kosher Certification

The name refers to salepi powder obtained from dried tubers of families Orchids plants. The plant is a herbaceous perennial and green at the base and purple top. In ancient times was described as aphrodisiac and medicinal properties, and there are references in the texts of ancient Greek Hippocrates, Asclepius, Theophrastus and Galen.

The salep is used mainly in the East and in Greece as a winter drink, emollient for the throat or nutritious breakfast.

For the isolation of Salepi powder initially plant tubers wetted with scalding hot water to remove the essential oil containing. Then dried and milled. The powder produced mixed with sugar, spices and herbs to give the final product.

Beverage preparation:

In a coffee pot, put 2 cups of water or milk and 12 g salep (1 bag). Mix until dissolved well (not creating pellets). Place the coffee pot on the fire and let it boil stirring constantly.

Once inflated, remove from heat and stir. Put again the coffee pot on the fire and repeat the process. Serve it hot.


Sugar, corn starch, natural salep, caramel powder.

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