Organic Pistachios (200 g)


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Soil Association Organic Certification

Halal Certification - Kosher Certification

Using suggestions

Add them on salads. Mix green vegetables with slices of peaches or nectarines, pistachios, big shavings of parmesan and balsamic.

Sprinkled on roasted squash. Add salt, pepper, parmesan, and pistachios on the semi-roasted squash. Pistachios are a bit chewier than other nuts, they create a different texture but aren’t too hard with the soft squash.

Stirred into pasta. Pistachios are pretty meaty and a little chewy. So, they are good in hot dishes with other strong flavors, like sausage. They are also enough good in a rice salad.

Pesto. You can make pesto with walnuts, almonds and use Pistachios instead of pine nuts.

On the top of fruit. To sweeten them up, try sautéing some pistachios with butter and brown sugar until they are glazed, then put them over fresh, sliced fruits.


Pistachios are a nutritionally dense food. In a 100 gram serving, pistachios provide 562 calories and are a rich source (20% or more of the Daily Value or DV) of protein, dietary fiber, several dietary minerals and the B vitamins, thiamin and especially vitamin B6 at 131% DV. Pistachios are a good source (10–19% DV) of calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B5, folate, vitamin E and vitamin K. Regarding the Pistachios cultivated in Greece, the ideal climate conditions of the country and the composition of the soil give these pistachios a characteristic aroma and taste that make them stand out. 

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