About our company

Veritas Import Export Ltd is a wholesale company in the field of organic and traditional Greek food. The decision to create Veritas was heavily influenced by the enthusiasm of its founders to spread organic and traditional foods of Greek Mythic Earth (Gaea) around the world.

The founders of the company are entrepreneurs with extensive experience in information technology, consulting, finance, business development and public and international relations.

The challenge to offer premium quality products, help medium-sized producers and exchange and develop new ideas regarding food, is more necessary today than any other time before.

The trade name "Mythic Gaea" underlines the origin of food from Greek Mythical land with fertile soil and unique climate. All these factors together with the love of producers for the cultivation of land, contribute to the creation of unique nutritional value of food and unsurpassed flavor effect.

We at Veritas, are constantly in the Greek countryside looking for Greek producers who have love for the cultivation of their land, cultivate with modern methods and respect the environment and the consumer. We are very proud when we receive positive feedback from our customers on our products.

Each batch of products undergoes thorough quality checks to ensure that our customers receive goods in perfect condition and with all the unique nutritional characteristics unchanged.

We offer a wide range of products able to meet basic and special dietary needs. Many of our products are organic and all of them have unique, distinguishing characteristics.